This website was originally created in 2005 as a way of showing the range, size and beauty of agates from Scotland. From the start the site was somewhere for the interested collector to visit. Over the last years I have added to it and sometimes updated it if and when I had the time. I now have more time and have therefore radically updated the site with a new layout, new agates and more details on some new and old localities. I have loosely based this update around the book “Scottish Agates” that I wrote with Nick Crawford in 2010. Nick died in 2014. He was my friend. He is sadly missed by his family, myself and the rest of the agate collectors here in Scotland.

Beautiful agates are found all over the world including Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, the United States, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Bulgaria, Russia and various countries in Africa. The Internet is now awash with images of these agates and to be honest I too have travelled to Agate Creek in Australia, Sidi Rahal and the Atlas mountains in Morocco and even to Bobanong in Botswana. I have included some examples of what I collected abroad but I have however been drawn back to Scotland. In comparison to these localities the agate bearing rocks in Scotland are very small but the Scottish agates, although fewer in number, are often second to none in their colour, pattern and beauty.

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Plate Tectonic Maps by C. R. Scotese, PALEOMAP Project. These excellent maps have transformed how we understand Earth geologic past by presenting the sometimes dry descriptions from the geologist by a visual illustration easily understood by everyone. It was only when I first saw these maps that I began to understand the story of Scotland journey through Geologic time.